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Two Great Printing Options

After booking, you get to pick one of our great printing options: either one large image per print (with no reprints), or four small images per print with unlimited large (single image) reprints.

Large Single Images

We started our business doing one large image per print and it's still our overall favorite for smaller events. No one makes images and prints as nice as ours. Our business is built on that fact. These large beautiful prints are a big part of our incredible success. They're high quality, big enough to frame, and a great gift to your guests.

Why we love it: Big prints for everyone! Great for weddings and events up to 200 guests where you can be guaranteed everyone leaves with a gorgeous framable keepsake.

Grid of Four Images

The grid of four is probably the best of both worlds and ideal for larger events. It offers incredible print speed (because there is only one print per session of four photos) and allows us to offer unlimited large single reprints to anyone who wants them. Guests use our awesome iPad app to choose any images they would like to print large, and within seconds it's in their hands. In fact, they can print as many copies as they like! No other photo booth service offers anything as good as this. Period.

Why we love it: Fantastic speed and flexibility allows us to serve very large events and the most photo-hungry of crowds while still delivering beautiful quality prints.

Vertical or Horizontal

Whether you like your prints vertical or horizontal, we roll both ways. We started out doing just horizontal but these days like vertical a little more. Probably because it reminds us of our first true love: Polaroid.

Templates, glorious templates.

Print templates are what we call the whole area of the print that isn't the photograph. Often that involves a logo, event info or more involved design aspects. We love helping you create the perfect print template. We have a number of tried-and-true design options or are happy to incorporate your own custom designed or branded elements.