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Photo Booth Rental

Our Little Secret

So here's the thing: Our business is built on making awesome photo experiences for drunk people. Okay, not everyone is drunk, but everyone is definitely having a great time! And it's our job to make it even better.

Knowing that, we made our iPad app simple and incredibly fast. It makes it so easy for everyone to digitally shout from the mountaintops how much fun they are having at your event.

Built to be Social

Our app makes it incredibly easy for people to share tons of photos. Just press the email button, and our app sends the image to your phone as an attachment. From there, you can post to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or just forward it on to a friend.

Your guests will LOVE this feature. From our experience, at least 50 percent of people who use the booth will use the email feature. And those who do use it again and again!